Current Students and Candidate Collaboration (Masters and Doctorate)

  • Junting Chen (M.S) ETH Zurich, (Mar. 22).
    [Topic]: Active SLAM.
  • Vincent van der Brugge (M.S) ETH Zurich, (Mar. 22).
    [Topic]: Contextual 3D Vision.
  • Weirong Chen (M.S) ETH Zurich, (Setp. 21-).
    [Topic]: Dense 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes.
  • Guohao Li (KAUST), visiting researcher at ETH Zurich, (May. 21-).
    [Topic]: Active SLAM.
  • Erik Sandström (Ph.D.), ETH Zurich, (Nov. 19-).
    [Topic]: Online dense 3D reconstruction.
  • Berk Kaya (Ph.D.), ETH Zurich, (Nov. 19-).
    [Topic]: Light physics based 3D reconstruction.
    (Interning at Apple Zurich, Summer 22.)

Intern and External Informal Collaborators (for advise and discussion)

  • Xiaohan Lei [Intern] BS, USTC China (Apr. 22-).
    [Topic]: Large scale 3D reconstruction.
  • Han Yao Choong [EIC] MS, ETH Zurich (Mar. 22-).
    [Topic]: Neural Architecture Search.
  • Nishant Jain [EIC] BS, IIT Roorkee (Mar. 22-).
    [Topic]: Image based rendering.
  • Sarno Francesco [Intern] CVL, ETH Zurich (May. 21-Nov. 21).
    [Topic]: Photometric Stereo (concluded with two publication at IEEE/CVF WACV 22).

Past Students

  • Stanhope Jackson (M.S) ETH Zurich, (Feb. 22-Jun.22).
    [Topic]: Object level active 3D reconstruction.
  • Timo Kleger (B.S) ETH Zurich (Sept. 21-Feb. 22)
    [Topic]: Dynamic Mode Decompostion for Fluids.
  • Noah Rothenberger (M.S) ETH Zurich (Sept. 21-Feb. 22)
    [Topic]: Kinesthetic Intelligence.
  • Choong Han Yao (M.S) ETH Zurich (Oct. 21-Feb. 22)
    [Topic]: Neural Architecture Search.
  • Jiahao Wang (M.S), ETH Zurich (May 21-Nov.21).
    [Topic]: Active 3D Reconstruction.
  • Soomin Lee (M.S), ETH Zurich (May 21-Nov. 21).
    [Topic]: Active 3D Reconstruction.
  • Ibars Valentin (M.S), ETH Zurich (Feb. 21-Jun. 21).
    [Topic]: Light Calibration for Photometric Stereo.
  • Rhea Sukthanker (M.S), ETH Zurich (Oct. 20-Apr. 21).
    [Topic]: Generative Models for Single Image Super-Resolution.
  • Sarno Francesco (M.S), ETH Zurich (Sept. 20-Mar. 21).
    [Topic]: Deep Photometric Stereo.
  • Menini Davide (M.S), ETH Zurich (Sept. 20-Mar. 21).
    [Topic]: Real time 3D Reconstruction and Semantic Mapping.
  • Yan Wu (M.S), ETH Zurich (Sept. 20-Nov. 20).
    [Topic]: Trilevel Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution.
  • Serafino Samuele (M.S), ETH Zurich (Sept. 20-Dec. 20).
    [Topic]: Neural Architecture Search on Lie Groups for Skeleton-based Action Recognition.
  • Erik Goron (M.S), ETH Zurich (Mar. 20-Jun. 20).
    [Topic]: Neural Architecture Search of SPD Manifold Nets: A Geometric Perspective.
  • Rhea Sukthanker (M.S), ETH Zurich (Mar. 20-Jun. 20).
    [Topic]: Neural Architecture Search of SPD Manifold Nets and its End to End Extension.